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Anita's Passion: Anita Jean Maxwell never hid her mixed heritage from anyone. As a young lawyer, she always tried to exhibit the best character traits Native.
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You have two FaceTime sessions with your personal trainer every month. The purpose of the training is to start living your work life to fulfill your personal vision. You will learn to spot when you take the familiar route and how to change your approach to get better results and less frustration.

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  • Anita Bhogle and Harsha Bhogle: Passion is the X factor in success.

Your trainer will introduce the tools and you will apply them to real life situations. Shelly has a Masters of Arts degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia and is a professor at Vanguard University where she today teaches business ethics.

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Anita Ehrhardt Headlight trainer Copenhagen Anita is a certified Career Coach with over 20 years of experience from around the world. Adrianne is an intuitive, energetic, optimistic leader and has worked a lot with creatives especially in the film industry.

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Erik has developed and optimized the underlying framework over the past 15 years and helped thousands of people pursue their dreams and work with courage and passion. The Headlight App — Book sessions with your trainer. Copenhagen 9 Oct 23 Oct 14 Nov. Berlin 06 Nov 15 Jan.

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  4. You will need to roll up your sleeves and approach work with new and daring perspectives. Reaching unique results takes heart and determination. Are you ready for Headlight? Get a free conversation with a Trainer Book a free conversation with one of our Trainers to explore if Headlight is the right thing for you. Thank you! We will be in contact shortly.

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    Follow us on Instagram Sign up for our newsletter. If you are talented, you can breeze through the first few levels easily. The shape of a meritocracy is invariably a pyramid. Winning is largely desirable but one needs to be aware of possible side effects. Some can get complacent, arrogant or even over-confident on getting there.

    In sporting terms, players can lose rigour in practice, just turn up assuming they will win or take competition lightly. In business, you could miss trends if you let your guard down or underestimate competition.

    Anita Bhogle and Harsha Bhogle: Passion is the X factor in success

    Chronic winners can be vulnerable if they get smug and comfortable. Coaches focus a lot on challenging teams to keep them hungry. Essentially, the ingredients that go into success are largely the same, whatever the field you might be working in. In The Winning Way, we call it the winning triangle—ability, attitude and passion. Ability or talent is essential to success but if you look around, a large number of people are talented.

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    So as you get to a higher level of competition, it ceases to be the differentiator. You need good attitude, great work ethic to go with that talent and make you a success. Look at the achievers in music, business, science or whatever else, you will find this combination of ability, attitude and passion. You are now subscribed to our newsletters. Edited excerpts from an interview: Expand. Internet Not Available. Wait for it… Log in to our website to save your bookmarks.