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Product Description. This collection of inspiring essays focuses on the practice of servant-leadership in organizational and business settings. Focus on.
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This programme is for those who have been working at a senior level in the following areas for at least 2 years who have the ability and desire to be a Director of Public Health, or work at Director level in their own profession, within 3 years of the end of the programme:. Oldfield bham. Browser does not support script.

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Focus on Leadership: Servant-Leadership for the 21st Century

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Focus on Leadership: Servant-Leadership for the Twenty-First Century

Creating value for the community involves the conscious and intentional giving back to the community Northouse, My organization also sponsors local youth events and activities and is involved in supporting and organizing a yearly breast cancer walk. The Liden et al.

The three antecedent conditions for the successful application of servant leadership are context and culture, leader attributes, and follower receptivity Liden et al. Context and culture consists of organizational environment components that contribute to the successful occurrence of servant leadership Northouse, Servant leadership is possible and successful in my organization because our organizational context is providing a necessity to the community, and our organizational culture shares power.

Leader attributes represent the ideas and traits that influence and provide a leader with the disposition to demonstrate servant leadership behaviors Northouse, For instance, I am capable of successfully applying servant leadership because I am empathetic, moral, and not self-servant, I appreciate helping others develop or increase their well-being, as it provides me satisfaction. Follower receptivity involves the willingness of followers to be receptive to servant leadership Northouse, For the most part the application of servant leadership in my organization is very successful for both followers and community.

However, not all teams or followers in my organization benefit from the organizations application of servant leadership. One particular team, the roofers, does not wish to develop supportive relationships, and think they are perfectly capable of handling their own professional and personal development. Therefore the application of servant leadership is not successful with these followers. The outcomes of servant leadership provide for follower performance and growth, organizational performance, and societal impact Liden et al.

As research has determined and my current organizational experience demonstrates, not all persons or teams are interested in the aspects of servant leadership and the benefits it provides to followers, and prefer to go it alone. However, given the community focus, which is the cornerstone of servant leadership, I think servant leadership bares consideration of organizational application.


After all, in my opinion, it is extremely important for all leaders to consider the implications of their behaviors outside organizational settings.