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Take your love of flesh to the next level with the AFMBE Book of Archetypes. This is a supplement for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG. In it, you will find.
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Dec 26, Max rated it really liked it Shelves: roleplaying , zombies. However, instead of crossing zombies with fantasy or kung-fu flicks, this book explores how to mix in survivalist concepts and run long term campaigns. There's some obligatory new bits of mechanics for players, including a few new Inspired powers, and there's a pretty nice chapter about some of the bits and bobs you can scavenge that you wouldn't think are that useful but actually are. For example, there's stats on caffeine pills and lawnmower blades. The big thing mechanically is rules for jury-rigging equipment, although I feel like they're a bit vague and will require a lot of GM interpretation.

The advice on running long term campaigns is pretty nice and definitely helps to address the obvious problem that a zombie game is likely to get a bit tedious and samey. The sample setting based around an old prison is cool, although I was hoping for a setting about current prisoners dealing with the zombie rise.

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Finally, the Dead Worlds are pretty good. There are three sci-fi ones, with my favorite being about people living in arcologies while the world deals with the aftermath of WWIII and the zombie apocalypse. There's one mundane one about hiding from zombies in skyscrapers, a Lovecraft inspired idea about Earth winding up in a hell dimension with zombies and even worse things, and there's an Egypt-flavored pulp world that I would absolutely love to run.

All in all, this is a pretty excellent supplement to All Flesh Must Be Eaten that definitely expands the utility of the game and opens up more options. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Jason Vey. Jason Vey. Books by Jason Vey. No trivia or quizzes yet. The "Fistful o' Zombies" sourcebook, covering western themed zombie games, has rules for converting to Deadlands.

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Rise of the Walking Dead : A strange radioactive contamination causes the dead to rise, their contaminated bodily fluids causing anyone they bite to die and come back to life as a new zombie. Clearly inspired by Night of the Living Dead PHADE to Black : Four years ago, a mad teenager raised the corpse of his AIDS-infected drug-overdosed girlfriend and slept with her, only to destroy her after coming back to his senses.

His subsequent promiscuity unleashed the deadly PHADE virus on the world, creating an ever-growing population of unusually strong and smart blood-drinking zombies. Grave Impact : A meteor, a fragment of a planetoid blasted off after it was oversaturated with necromantic energy, is blown up before it can impact with earth, spreading necromantically radioactive dust across the planet and causing the dead to rise as strong-but-mindless zombies that can only be slain with fire and which exist only to kill.

Derived from Night of the Comet. Sacred Soil : An apparently successful attempt to create an evironmentally friendly fertilizer has created mutated plants that infest the bodies of the dead and raise them to destroy humanity. They Came From Beyond : The earth has been invaded by vaguely insectile aliens which enslave corpses as an unstoppable army to conquer worlds and then strip them bare of all that they have to offer.

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Loosely inspired by Night of the Creeps. Mein Zombie : In the battlefields of World War II , the Nazis have unleashed a new weapon: dead soldiers that are still able to move, fight and kill, and which keep on coming, blind to pain and fear, until a bullet enters their head. After The Bomb : A mundane post-apocalyptic setting crawling with zombies. Until The Ending Of The World : The Rapture has come, and those who were not good enough to go to Heaven, but not evil enough to go to Hell, have been given a chance to prove themselves worthy by fighting against the hordes of the walking dead now storming across the world, evil spirits unleashed as part of the End of Days.

Dawn Of The Zombie Lords : The world has been conquered by the undead armies of a number of incredibly powerful necromancers, who now rule over seperate territories.

The Book of Archetypes 2 (All Flesh Must be Eaten

Rebirth Into Death : The mystical and highly complicated system that determines where souls are reincarnated into after their death has broken down, and now humans are being reincarnated in their own corpses — as fully intelligent, but still flesh-craving, zombies. The catch is, players will roleplay zombies in this one. Fistful o' Zombies. True Grit : Four explorers found the ruined capital city of the lost Indian tribe, the Anasazi, and foolishly broke the elder signs imprisoning the Eldritch Abomination , "Kinatuk — The Blood Thing ", which had destroyed the Anasazi.

Now free to roam the world once more, Kinatuk has begun to slaughter humans and animals alike, reviving them as zombified slaves that drip gore from their mouths.

This work includes examples of:

Based upon "gritty" Western movies from the s and 70s. Spaghetti With Meat : A travelling Snake Oil Salesman named Alouicious Rheems makes a Deal with the Devil for a miracle cure that turns out to reanimate those who drink it as intelligent, but still flesh-eating, zombies. Murdered by "Scratch" Willaims and his thirty-strong band of bloodthirsty bandits, the bandits drink several bottles of his tonic and arise as the first zombies, then proceeding to go on a bloodthirsty killing spree across the west, occasionally raising up more dead men as weaker, but still smart and deadly, zombie banditos.

Derived from the "spaghetti westerns" of the s, personified by Clint Eastwood. Dances With Zombies : Shortly after the Massacre of Custer's 7th Cavalry Regiment at the Battle of Little Big Horn, the Sioux Indians learn that Sitting Bull's spirit-vision of destroying the entire white race was a trick played on them by the manitou, and the white men are dying Here Comes The Cavalry : When a greedy prospector tricks a peaceful indian tribe into buying smallpox-infected blankets from him in hopes of clearing them off their gold-rich land, the survivors perform a dark ritual that raises the plague-dead as vengeful zombies.

North, to Alaska : In the freezing cold Yukon, the gold rush is on. But a meteor strike has created a new strain of walking dead men, freezing cold zombies that exist only to drain the warmth from anything they encounter. Enter The Zombie. Hard Boiled Corpses : A high-ranking member of China's Communist Party, Colonel Tsai Hsing, has decided to take inspiration from the urban legend of the CIA having created crack cocaine and introduced to the poor black communities of America. His team, "Operation: White Thunder", has created a new ultra-potent version of heroin by, among other things, cutting it with toxic waste from China's nuclear power plants, which they are flooding the steets of Hong Kong with in the hopes that it will kill off all drug users and dealers, thusly solving the organized crime problem.

But those who don't die swiftly from using White Thunder proceed to die and come back as intelligent zombies, still hankering for their dopamine fix — if they can't get White Thunder, they go after human brains instead. Now Hong Kong is shaping up into a war between the police who want to stop all the murders , the Triads who want dead guys to stop killing them and taking their drugs , the Black Ops who want to contain this problem and find a way to get out of this mess intact and the Zombies who just want to get their fix.

Flesh Eaters in Little China : In the Little China district of San Francisco, the evil sorcerer Hung Shao has been quiet for centuries, content to surround himself with zombie slaves and make a fortune off of zombie-equipped sweatshops. But recently, he got greedy, and flooded the streets with his undead minions in hopes of openly conquering the city. But then he got distracted when he discovered one of the plants he needs for his immortality elixir has gone extinct. His attention diverted from the war to instead trying to find a replacement medicine, the assorted martial artists and sorcerers of Little China are now striking back against the necromancer.

Derived from Big Trouble in Little China. Livid at the skill of the Flowering Lotus School, and incensed that it openly accepted and trained women in the martial arts, the five most locally powerful schools of the martial arts the Striking Snake, the Golden Tiger, the Striking Crane, the Flying Dragon, the Fighting Monkey banded together to murder its teachers and destroy the school. Now the five Li Sisters have returned as vengeful zombies, and are working to raise an army of martial artist zombie women, and with them slay all the men in China.

Already, the Striking Snake school has fallen Inspired by generic "chop-sockey" high-flying kung-fu-action films. Undead Kombat : Centuries ago, a group of Persian mystics discovered that the souls of those who had slain at least 20 people were trapped in limbo, and could be resummoned as undead warriors. However, every 25 years, these zombies would need to destroy and consume the essence of another zombie, lest they return to oblivion.

The mystics established a tournament, held once every 24 years, in which their stables of undead warriors would duel to feed themselves and winnow out the weak — now, in the modern era, not only has this tournament become the obsession of the mystics, a new trial run is being held. For the first time, powerful living warriors are being allowed to compete.

Inspired by Mortal Kombat.

Pulp Zombies. The Hollow Earth : The heart of the world is actually a great series of caverns and hollow spaces, where a huge army of malevolent zombies has been imprisoned since the Bronze Age, slowly growing in number and hatred. And then the magical artifacts that keep them imprisoned below the earth are removed from their pedestals, breaking the spell and letting them claw their way back to the surface again Zombies, Inc. The discovery drove him insane, and now he seeks to create a huge gang of his unusually intelligent zombies to form his own global crime empire.

They Want Our Women! The intention is that they should be used as examples or [ Timothy B.

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